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RxTranscript System

RxTranscript offers a Highly Accurate, Secure, Affordable Medical Transcription Service. 
RxTranscript System is a combination of software, high end networking equipment and highly trained Medical Transcriptionist. RxTranscript processes are fully HIPAA compliant. Physicians can use a telephone, mobile phone or handheld device to dictate patient reports. Retrieving completed reports is simple. Login to your secure account on the RxTarnscript website and reports dictated on the previous day are listed on the first page. Reports can be printed, viewed or saved to your computer directly from the web page. In addition you can search for previously completed reports. Reports are accessible on the web for up to one year from the date of transcription.

Dictating over the phone - Physicians are provided with 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day per year access to advanced digital dictation technology with toll-free number or a local access number. Physicians simply call into our systems and enter their unique dictation ID number using a standard touch-tone telephone. After completing the dictation, the files are automatically routed to our staff of Medical Transcriptionist.

Dictating using a Handheld Device- Physicians can dictate without being tethered to a phone or dictation station. Once dictations are completed, a physician simply docks their handheld or smart card into a PC, and files are downloaded and converted into a file format that are acceptable for the RxTranscript system. Files are transferred over a secure link to the RxTranscript System and automatically routed to our staff of Medical Transcriptionist.

Quality A 3-tier quality assurance system is in place to insure that your documents are transcribed accurately and quickly. Our standard quality policy is derived from the AAMT policy and we deliver an accuracy rating of 98%. 

Security - The RxTranscript System is designed to meet the highest standards of security and privacy and to meet the requirements of HIPAA and other regulations, guidelines and laws.

Turnaround Time Reports dictated by 10pm (EST) will be accessible within your RxTranscript account the next morning. We also offer priority transcription for daily progress reports. Reports dictated by 8:30am (EST) will be accessible from your RxTranscript account by 5pm (EST).

Free Trial We are so confident in the quality of our service that we offer a free trial. Just send and email to sales@rxtranscript.com and a sales person will contact you to setup your trial or call 1-866-643-7138 and a customer support agent will be happy to assist you.