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RxTranscript Process


Our digital dictation systems are the latest and best available in the industry. We maintain the ability to accept multiple and simultaneous dictations recorded in high quality and clear digital recordings. The voice file is immediately sent to the production facility. The systems reside in a controlled environment and are backed up daily for data integrity.

The dictation files are delivered to the production facility via a secure FTP site using Highly Secure Virtual Private Networking(VPN) Technology.


A 3-tier quality transcription process ensures that each and every dictation received for transcription is meticulously transcribed by trained MTs, proof-read by experienced editors, and finally checked by quality assurance personnel for its correctness, before being returned to the client. This process ensures that the best possible, accurately transcribed reports are delivered to the customer on a consistent basis.


After the transcription process is complete the files are available on our secure web site.

Clients can view and print records directly from the website

Clients records are available on line for up to one year after transcription